Sharing with Jordanlehn

This shoot was in a Hotel and not in the usual studio. I was a bit hesitant to even go but I thought, what the hell…I packed my camera’s charged my batteries and loaded film into an old Nikon F100 35mm film camera…I had lying around. Besides the last time I had used it was back in 2006 to photograph Gordon Parks daughter at the Dallas Museum of Art almost ten years ago. Gosh time flies I really wanted to meet Gordon Parks but he had passed away earlier that year. I do admire his photography, music, films.
Well back to the Hotel where I was introduced to the lovely JordanLehn. I had brought props…a sword, bow tie, lace shaw, a mask (used in one of my short films “Hunting Diabla”). I had laid them out along with my cameras. I always think easy access is always best, since I was pressed for time.
She had asked if she need to put her clothes back on. Did I mention she was nude the whole time I had arrived till I had introduced myself. The whole time averting my eyes in order not to creep her out…Plus I am not as comfortable around naked beautiful women unless I have some sort of romantic involvement….I know it sounds prudish…hey it is what it is, I simply said that there was no need we will just get right into the props and poses. I had researched some that I wanted specific…the one on display was one of those pose. JordanLehn was very attentive and so relax and very professional…again I was a nervous wreck inside. Plus the room was vary cramped. I was snapping away. I had the administrator in the room which really did not give me a chance to speak to J in a more comfortable way also to take breaks every ten minutes to do that. I have found it Creates a bit of bonding when you do that. Once my specific poses where accomplished we kinda played it by ear. I was using a camera with a fixed 50mm f1.2 Zeiss Lens one with a zoom 28-200mm and the Film camera had a zoom 18-70mm with a large soft box strobe. I did not get to use my tripod because of space. I wanted to try a slow shutter to obtain as much detail as possible, but oh well, only hope my hand was steady enough. Used Kodak Ektar 100 color film very fine grain. all the sword poses are on film and will find out later how they turned out when I use the rest of the roll shot only about 15 frames use the other half for something else. I had five minutes left and decided that I had got all the photos I needed. J had told me she had really enjoyed the props most photographer don’t use them with her…me I used to use tones of props when I had worked for National Studio so its a little bit in my blood to do so. As we had some time we talked about B & W developing and printing(J is a photographer too)…that it dose take a while to learn and perfect. I spent many years in the dark processing B & W prints…I do miss it and do long to get back to it but its just easier with digital.


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