“I am such a Nerd!”

These are the words  from the very beautiful Emily as  I let her hold my sword I had just acquired from the local pawn shop (sword not shown). She was quite impressed with it as she wielded it about for a couple of minutes before I started snapping away. The tie she is wearing I had found it in a thrift store, it has  a shield red cross and it look to me at the time a upside down cross in the left upper corner. I looked it up and found it to be the Crest to the city of London England.

Official blazon

Arms: Argent a Cross Gules in the first quarter a Sword in pale point upwards of the last.
Crest: On a Wreath of the Colours a Dragon’s sinister Wing Argent charged on the underside with a Cross throughout Gules.
Supporters: On either side a Dragon Argent charged on the undersides of the wings with a Cross throughout Gules.
Motto: ‘DOMINE DIRIGE NOS’ – Lord, direct us.

I thought it was cool so I bought it for about $2.00 the red cross is for  St. George which is a magnificent story of how he killed a dragon to save a princess.

That is the way I think of Emily when I am working with her, a princess…not a dragon. It is my second time to photograph her and she is a complete joy. Last time Emily had told me how she just broken up with her boyfriend of 6 months, just a week before Valentine’s Day…how sad but she had spent V day with friends. We ended our session with the black shaw and she loved it and she really could not get enough of it. She loves lace. Most women do!

As I was leaving the studio as I arrived carrying this huge black and silver sword along with my camera gear. The people I passed never gave me a second look, and there were many. I guess nothing surprises no one nowadays. However, while I was on my way home when I had seen a whole barrage of fireworks go off for several minutes at Fair Park, what was going on there, well it was a fitting end to my evening.


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